If you are starting a physical or online CBD store, you obviously need high-quality CBD products in addition to a building or software in order to be able to sell.

CBD wholesalerVarious CBD wholesalers can be found on the internet, but is every wholesaler also suitable for you?

Some wholesalers have been around for quite some time, already have a good customer base and have therefore become choosy when it comes to new customers. For example, a wholesaler may require that you have a physical location in addition to the CBD webshop. Another requirement may be that you must purchase for a minimal amount. In short, requirements that you as a starter on the cannabis market are not waiting for.

We recently entered into a partnership with a CBD wholesaler. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know better than anyone how the CBD market is developing, which CBD products are 'hot or not'.

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What can we offer?

All products comply with European legislation. The products can be supplied with 0,2% THC, 0,05% THC, or 0% THC. Below you will find a small selection from our range.

CBD oil

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil: This is the most popular CBD oil, with not only CBD but also other cannabinoids. A rich experience. This is a well-known form of CBD oil and a really popular form. Including terpenes for the so-called 'entourage effect', or the effect of the different substances that together provide a more powerful effect.

CBD and CBDa RAW oil: This oil is best known for its exceptional quality. Due to the lack of heating in the production process, all terpenes are still present, and these terpenes in turn ensure a maximum effect on the user. Really a tip.

CBD oil pure isolate
: The purest oil that can be found on the CBD market is the CBD oil from pure isolate. This oil is free of all other cannabinoids, terpenes and other substances that can be found in the regular oil. This is the product for people who really want to focus on the CBD itself, without unknown additives.

CBG and CBN oil

Buy CBD oil in bulkFull spectrum and isolate CBG oil: Here you can choose from CBG oil RAW and CBG oil from isolate. Both forms naturally contain CBG, the main difference being that the latter (the one from isolate) has been purified from other substances. CBG oil RAW is, on the other hand, rich in other cannabinoids. So it just depends on what you want most.

CBN oil pure: This is a unique opportunity, because CBN oil is new on the European market. A godsend. And the CBN oil also has a normal price. Due to maximum purification, the taste of the oil is very mild, which is also an important advantage of this product. The bottles indicate how much CBN the oil contains.

HHC oil

HHC is the newest cannabinoid on the market. HHC has the same properties as THC, but it does not contain THC. Therefore, unlike THC, HHC is perfectly legal in Europe. We expect to be able to offer more HHC products in the short term, such as: HHC patches and HHC gummies.

Water soluble CBD

Bio water soluble CBD: With water-soluble CBD, the CBD is much stronger than with a regular CBD oil. The drops have more power. And of course the CBD is easy to dissolve in water or another drink. So you can do whatever you want with it.

CBD edibles (edible CBD products)

CBD lollipops: The CBD lollipops are available in packs of dozens. To be precise, 10, 20 or 40 pieces. The lollipops are colorful and can be used just like other lollipops.

Honey flavored CBD sticks: Honey sticks are honey sticks in plastic, which can be easily opened and then poured into the mouth. Just squeeze empty and you're done. Another fun way to take in CBD.

CBD gummy bears
: These edibles, regular candies that are also tasty, are available in different packaging. It just depends on how many gummy bears you want. Fun and easy to use. Also to give away.

CBD gummy bears with watermelon flavor: This is a specific type of CBD gummies. The watermelon flavor makes the candy very popular among CBD users who like to opt for edibles.

CBD banana chips: You may be familiar with the banana chips from some potato chips packages that contain the banana slices. So there is also a CBD version of it. CBD banana chips come in jars. Naturally, the chips are made from real dried bananas. A nice combination of fruit and CBD.

Transdermal cannabinoid patches

CBD patches: The CBD patch allows the user to apply the CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. The use of this is therefore very easy. Also, the bioavailability is a great quality of this CBD product. The bioavailability is quickly 6 times higher than, for example, an oil drop of CBD under the tongue.

CBN Patches: Transdermal patches are currently booming. Start the easy process to get your own patch, or choose ready-made CBN patches. At the moment, our Dutch partner company Oana Green is the only company in Europe that sells CBN patches. The packaging of their CBN patches is beautiful. Both the inside and outside of the packaging are styled down to the last detail. Of course they can provide the necessary documentation about the plasters, such as: a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and an SDS (safety data sheet).

Skin care

CBD ointment: A jar of CBD cream is easy to use, that goes without saying. The ointment can simply be applied to the skin with your finger and the rest will go by itself. You can also choose which part of your skin you want to take care of. Then the emphasis of the effect of the CBD is precisely on the skin that you apply. So more control over the consequences.

CBD cream: The CBD cream is also easy to apply.

CBD massage oil: For those who not only want to lubricate, but at the same time want to relax (or someone else who wants to relax), the CBD massage oil is recommended. The person who is being massaged does not only receive the massage, but also the effect of CBD that follows. Several presents in a row.

CBD pleasure spray: And then there is the pleasure spray. If the user wants to add not only relaxation but also intimacy to the CBD experience, this spray is an excellent opportunity. Let's put it this way: the descriptions of people who have tried it promise a lot.

Other options

CBD isolate: This is CBD in its purest form. With a CBD isolate, the CBD percentage is 99,6%. Incredibly high. There are also no other cannabinoids or terpenes in it, the focus with this product is really on the CBD itself. It comes in small jars.

CBD crumbles: Crumbles are suitable for different ways of CBD intake. Examples include dabbing, smoking or simply as an addition to food. The crumbles are powerful and naturally rich in CBD. CBD crumbles are also called CBD wax and CBD budder.

CBD softgels: The soft gels are mainly made for people who would like to take CBD, but who do not want to taste CBD. For those people, a jar of soft gels is a really good tip. No animal products have been used, so this is also an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians.

CBD oil display: This display is a handy platform in which several CBD containers are set off, so that the person looking at it immediately gets an idea of ​​what is on offer. But the choice of the different products can of course still be filled in by the person who purchases the display. A great product to display in a store.