Rick Simpson: The Activist and His Cannabis Oil

Many people are familiar with Rick Simpson Oil. But not everyone knows who Rick Simpson is. To understand why the cannabis oil named after him is so popular, take a look at the man himself. On this page, we'll give you a brief introduction, or call it our own Rick Simpson Wikipedia.Canadian Rick Simspon

Who is Rick Simpson?

In 1997, Simpson, who worked as an engineer in a hospital in Canada, fell off his ladder. He passed out. This happened in a room with asbestos, and toxic substances were released. This seriously affected the Canadian nervous system.


Simpson suffered the consequences for years. Medicines that the doctors prescribed him could do little against it. After seeing a documentary about cannabis, he wanted to give cannabis a try.

Because his doctor refused to cooperate - he didn't want to know about cannabis - Simpson made his cannabis oil himself. Although opinions differ on the medical effects, it is at least clear that Simpson wanted to introduce the whole world to cannabis. The best-known example of this is his own product - the Rick Simpson Oil.

What is Rick Simpson cannabis oilRick Simpson Oil

The product can be briefly described as a paste / thick cannabis oil in which a high content of THC has been processed. The risks are kept to a minimum and the benefits are great. It has always been Rick Simpson's goal to create a cannabis oil that is completely natural and organic, while also helping as many people as possible.

His method

Simpson's method is both personal and scientific. He himself examines whether his products work properly and does not draw any easy conclusions. It is important for him to make sure that the cannabis oil works well for everyone - or at least for many people. That is why it has become popular with such a large audience.

Buy Rick Simpson Oil

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sell products containing THC. Why? That's simple: it is illegal to sell THC-containing products online. Fortunately, there are ways to still ensure that you get these products through us. Two ways, to be precise. We will explain these briefly.

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It is up to you to determine which of the two options is best for you.