It is not difficult to make cannabis oil yourself by means of hot extraction, provided you have the right tools. You will need: the 'cannolator complete', a scale, cannabis and drinkable alcohol (the latter two are unfortunately not available through us).

The 'cannolator complete' contains:

-A cannolator as standard
-Two heat resistant glass tubes
-Measuring cup (250 ml)
-Three pipette bottles (10 ml)
-Air pump with tube
- (Baby) bottle warmer
-Long spoon (about 21 cm)
-Cleaning pen

Follow the steps below to make cannabis oil.

Step 0: Gather supplies

In addition to the hardware, you also need ingredients to make cannabis oil. This primarily concerns cannabis buds or cutting waste. The quality is about the same, but cutting waste is a lot cheaper.

Furthermore, you have drinkable alcohol required of approximately 96%. Rest assured, the final product does not contain a drop of alcohol. During one of the steps you use alcohol to separate the CBD and / or THC from the rest of the material. In a next step, the alcohol evaporates until not a drop remains.

Step 1: Prepare cannabis buds or trimmings

The first real step is to weigh 20 grams of dried cannabis buds or cutting waste. When you have done that, rub everything fine between your hands until the material fits easily into the glass tube.

Weighing cannabis

Weighing cannabis

With a teaspoon or dessert spoon you put the finely ground cannabis buds or cutting waste in the glass tube. The cannolators we sell also include a scraper handle that you can use to press the contents down well so that everything goes in properly.

Step 2: Set up instruments

After this, fill the bottle warmer halfway with water. Then set the bottle heater to the highest setting.

Now put the glass measuring cup in the bottle warmer and place it under the glass tube that is in the metal construction.

After this, hang the tube of the air pump at the top of the measuring cup. This will speed up the evaporation process.

Step 3: Add alcohol for the extraction

The amount of alcohol you will need is six times the weight of the cannabis buds or cutting waste used. So if you are using 20 grams of cannabis buds / cutting waste, you will need 120 ml of alcohol (20 x 6 = 120).

Pour the correct amount of alcohol on top of the plant material in the glass tube. The alcohol ensures that the cannabinoids (including CBD and THC) are released from the rest of the material.

Step 4: Let alcohol evaporate

Now the alcohol starts to evaporate. This can take a while. The drinkable alcohol also contains 4% water. This will be the last to evaporate.

If the water has largely evaporated after the alcohol, small air bubbles will form. Then let the process continue for a while. When no more new air bubbles are formed and the oil remains smooth, the process is finished.

When you have followed all the steps correctly, your oil will be ready after approximately 2 hours. You then have 2 grams of cannabis oil with a high concentration of CBD and / or THC.

The cannolator and 20 ml of alcohol
The cannolator and 20 ml of alcohol
Alcohol through cannolator extraction tube
Alcohol through cannolator extraction tube
Heat measuring cup with extract
Heat measuring cup with extract

Step 5: Dilute concentrated cannabis oil

To enable an exact dosage, you are now going to dilute the concentrated cannabis oil with hemp seed oil or olive oil. If you use hemp seed oil for this, you have the advantage that everything in the end product comes from the same raw material: the cannabis plant.

The dilution is done as follows: fill a 10 ml pipette bottle with organic hemp seed oil or organic olive oil. Then pour this into the measuring cup with the concentrated cannabis oil. After this it is a matter of a few minutes stirring well. Tip: heating the mixture slightly while stirring makes mixing easier. Then pour the still warm mixture back into the pipette bottle.

Two grams of pure cannabis oil in the measuring cup
Two grams of pure cannabis oil in the measuring cup
Add a bottle of olive oil to the pure cannabis oil
Add a bottle of olive oil to the pure cannabis oil
The end result cannabis oil with THC
The end result: cannabis oil with THC

Step 6: Using cannabis oil

If you keep cannabis oil in the refrigerator, it can keep for years. A shelf life of approximately 12 months applies at room temperature.

There are several ways to take cannabis oil. In our instructions you will find more information about the use of cannabis oil.

Of course you can also choose to order separate parts (aids).

More information

If you have any questions about making cannabis oil, you can do so without any obligation contact with us. We are happy to help you.