The aromatic substances from the cannabis plant. Terpenes are popular - and not just among experienced cannabis users. In order to explain how that came about, and why terpenes might also be recommended for you, we first need to take a few steps back in time. Read more…

In recent years, cannabis has grown in public opinion from a dubious hobby among young people to all the rage worldwide - almost everyone now seems to be open to it. And rightly so, because it is a rich world in itself. Of course, that change was mainly due to the more flexible legislation, as is so clearly the case in the United States, for example.

Because there are more and more countries where you can simply use cannabis, the taboo automatically becomes smaller. And as a result, companies - even multinationals like Coca-Cola and Heineken - dare to at least consider incorporating cannabis into new products. Logical, because in this market there is simply a lot of money to be made. The smaller the taboo, the greater the audience.


The greatest success in this market to date is without a doubt cannabidiol, or CBD. This substance has no psychoactive effects, but it is satisfying in other ways. So much satisfaction that the substance is used in many different products, such as soft drinks, facial cream and articles for a dog, cat, Or horse. According to a recent estimate, sales of CBD in the United States alone will have generated more than $ 2024 billion by the time we reach 20.

But that does not mean that CBD will undoubtedly remain the front runner, because other cannabis products are on the heels of the substance, with the latest competitor: terpenes.

Clarity Terpenes Cannabis Oil


Terpenes are an essential part of the cannabis plant; they provide both the smell and taste of cannabis and there are several reasons why the terpenes have now entered the market as a specific component. Opinions differ about what those reasons are exactly, but it is certain that they are not inferior to CBD products.

Terpen tea

A very good example of the social status terpenes are currently getting was Kim Kardashian West's baby shower.

The True Terpenes company, which, as the name suggests, sells products that use terpenes, including makeup and chocola, was then hired to provide the invited guests with terpene tea.

"It's really nice that a family like the Kardashians, with such a wide reach, is helping to teach the world about CBD and terpenes," True Terpenes operations director David McLean told Yahoo Finance.

Terpene cocktails

And there are many more of the above cases. Take Sidecar, a bar in America where the bartenders use terpenes in the cocktails. Or look at the company Floraplex Terpenes, which does not use cannabis, but works very hard to market products that have the same effects as cannabis terpenes do.


But also the old-fashioned users of cannabis, who simply want to experience the psychoactive effects they are used to, are also getting their money's worth due to the growing popularity of terpenes.

For example, vaporizers have recently come onto the market that use all the technological tricks to increase the intensity of terpene flavors and the associated effects.

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As you can see, the most remarkable stories come from America - that's how it often goes. But other countries are by no means lagging behind. And the Netherlands is also participating. In fact, terpenes are also available at Cannabisolie.nl. Because after all the above examples, you will undoubtedly have become curious.