Suver Nuver (Cannabis Social Club)

In our webshop you will find a wide range of CBD products, but you will not find any THC oil find. By law we are not allowed to sell THC-containing products. We do have a tip: if you want to try THC oil, join the Dutch Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver.

What is a cannabis social club?

A cannabis social club is primarily a club of people interested in cannabis oil with THC. Cannabis social club is often abbreviated as CSC.

The largest group of members of a cannabis social club consists of cannabis oil users who exchange experiences. In addition, such a club also includes cannabis oil producers, doctors, specialists, politicians and other interested parties.

Cannabis social clubs are established in several European countries: Spain, Belgium, Slovenia and the Netherlands. The largest and most famous CSC in the Netherlands is without a doubt Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver.

Suver Nuver

The CSC Suver Nuver was founded by the Frisian Rinus Beintema. He chose the name Suver Nuver because this is Frisian for 'a little weird'.

Personally, we think it's a strange name, because Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver has grown into a well-organized organization with nothing strange about it.

Suver Nuver has locations in various places in the Netherlands. In 2018, the club had about eight thousand members. There will be more now.

Cannabis oil for members

If you join the Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver, then you will receive a sample package of THC cannabis oil sent to your home. When this is gone, you can order more via the club's website. To see the prices, you must first be a member.

Suver Nuver's cannabis oil with THC is made in secret locations, because the production of THC oil is illegal. In a broadcast (see below) of EenVandaag, Rinus Beintema allows a camera crew to enter his own lab hidden behind a large cupboard for the first time.

During this short documentary, Rinus also explains his main goal with Suver Nuver: legalization!

Legalize THC oil

In 2013, Rinus makes THC oil for the first time for someone who wanted to use this cannabis oil to relieve physical complaints. This knowledge suffered from rheumatism. Seeing how his knowledge had been helped by the THC oil, Rinus founded Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver.

The club grew rapidly and Rinus started hearing more stories from avid cannabis oil users. It soon started to gnaw at him: if THC oil turns out to be so good for so many people, why is this product banned?

From that moment on, Rinus started campaigning for the legalization of THC-containing cannabis oil. He first sought publicity. He found a listening ear at Avro/Tros, Omroep Fryslân, Leeuwarden Courant, Eindhovens Dagblad and de Volkskrant, among others.

In addition, Rinus strived for as much openness as possible about what Suver Nuver was doing. He tried to provoke a trial trial in court. And it worked.

Test process

After years of managing this, Suver Nuver could finally answer to court in 2021. The question was whether the Suver Nuver foundation and its founder Rinus Beintema had violated the Opium Act and the Medicines Act.

In three sessions before the Overijssel District Court, Rinus Beintema and his lawyer, Master JTE Vis, tried to demonstrate the legality of Suver Nuver. The judge ruled on November 18, 2021.

Suver Nuver and Rinus Beintema have broken the law, but they will not be punished. That is the remarkable decision of the judge. No punishment because no profit was made and the judge recognized the social importance of Suver Nuver.

In his ruling, the judge refers to politics. It is up to the politicians to change the legislation in such a way that the valuable product THC cannabis oil is finally banned from illegality.

Suver Nuver supporters

Rinus Beintema is not alone in his quest to legalize THC oil.

For example, there are general practitioners who advise their patients THC-containing cannabis oil for certain physical complaints. One of them speaks in the broadcast of EenVandaag.

General practitioner Esther Doeglas says that she sees THC oil working well in some of her patients. According to her, cannabis oil with THC not only works well against pain, but also against itching, nausea, spasms and some psychological complaints.

Esther would like to be able to prescribe THC oil to her patients, but that is not allowed by law. She may only recommend THC cannabis oil. Ester would like to see the law changed to make it easier to help her patients.


In politics there are also people who are committed to legalizing cannabis oil with THC. In the House of Representatives, D66 MP Vera Bergkamp is working on greater support for medicinal cannabis.

Another politician who is committed to legalizing THC cannabis oil is PvdA member Fred Crone. He was mayor of Leeuwarden from 2007 to 2019. As mayor, he did not hesitate to express his opinion about THC cannabis oil.

Fred Crone believes that THC oil should be removed from the illegal circuit, because many people benefit from it. And it fits perfectly within the experiments around semi-legal cannabis cultivation that the Rutte government wants to allow.

CBD oil is legal

In addition to THC oil, there is another form of cannabis oil: CBD oil. This food supplement is completely legal. In our range you will therefore find a wide choice of different CBD oils from leading brands.

Another big advantage of CBD oil is that you cannot get high from it. With THC oil, there is this risk if you apply an incorrect dosage.

Incidentally, it is true that CBD oil works differently than THC oil. Therefore, it may be that CBD oil does not give you the desired result and you still want to try THC oil. Now you know where to go for it: Suver Nuver.

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