Medihemp hemp seed oil


Medihemp hemp seed oil pressed from hulled hemp seeds. Golden brown color, fresh scent and nutty flavor. The hemp seed oil is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 9 fatty acids, Gamma Linoleic acid, natural minerals and vitamins. Very suitable for in salads, over potatoes, as a base for dipping sauce, or in other dishes. Recommended daily amount: two tablespoons. Not suitable for baking and roasting. Shake before use. Keep cool and dark.

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The sisters Andrea Bamacher and Elke Mortiz are the founders of the Austrian company Medihemp. Their mission is to develop natural products that are good for body and mind and help us lead a healthy life.

The basic elements of their business operations are: strict quality controls, a perfect production process, transparency and its own research center: the Research & Development (R&D) department.

Strict quality control

High-quality hemp seed oil starts with the soil in which the seeds are planted. It is very important that this soil is free of all kinds of contaminants such as herbicides (weed killers), pesticides (substances that kill unwanted organisms) and other chemicals. This is the only way to grow hemp plants in an organic and sustainable way.

Medihemp has more than 200 hectares of fertile soil around the beautiful Lake Neusiedl in western Austria that meets the highest standards. They grow the EU-certified organic hemp plants on this land. These hemp plants have been specially selected for their extremely favorable ratio of cannabinoids they contain, namely the highest possible percentage of CBD and the lowest possible percentage of THC.

By means of strict quality controls, soil samples and multiple analyzes, they keep a close eye on the soil and hemp plants. In addition, the following supervisory organizations watch during the production process:

-Austria Bio Guarantee (AT-BIO-301)
-Austrian Food Safety Agency (in the Netherlands: SKAL)
-European Food Safety Authority (the Authority)

This ensures that the hemp seed oil is actually a biological product with sublime quality. The other characteristics of this hemp seed oil are:

Made from organically grown hemp from Austria
Getting high is out of the question
Recommended dosage: 2 tablespoons of hemp seed oil per day
Does not contain any CBD
Legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

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Perfect production process

Every day, local organic hemp farmers tend to the hemp plants in a way Mother Nature would be proud of. The farmers manually select the hemp plants with the most potential for further production. Due to their diligent work, attention and love for the hemp plant, the plants need nothing more than the power of nature and a little water to grow to their full potential.

When the farmers have harvested the plants, Medihemp continues with the production process. We can tell you that everything from the hemp plant is used. Hemp tea is made from the hemp leaves and flowers. They make nutrients from the hemp seeds (this hemp seed oil). They extract all important substances from the leaves and flowers by means of a sophisticated extraction system. The result is a beautiful raw extract. When they dilute the extract with certified organic hemp seed oil or olive oil, the end product is created: CBD oil, CBG oil, CBD capsules and other CBD products from Medihemp.


'Quality' and 'organic' are very important to Medihemp. Absolutely nothing is added during the production process that is not necessary. Certain substances that have no added value for the human body are removed with the greatest care. That is why Medihemp products never contain chemical additives or alcohol solutions. We emphasize it again here: all Medihemp products are allowed to carry the AT-BIO-301 label and are supervised by the Austrian Food Safety Agency (AGES) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

In order to guarantee product safety and to be able to deliver the highest possible quality, each batch is subjected to various tests and analyzes (both internal and external). You can of course request the test results from us.

Research center: research and development

The premise of Medihemp is: to supply hemp products of the highest possible quality that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. As a result, they are always working on innovations to increase the bioavailability of the cannabis extracts.

Bioavailability also stands for the extent to which the body of a human or animal absorbs the CBD / CBG. The higher the bioavailability of a product, the better the body absorbs it. Continuous research is needed to achieve the highest possible bioavailability. This is the reason that Medihemp invests a lot of time, money and man-hours in the research and development of hemp products. In this way, they keep abreast of technological developments in hemp and can make immediate adjustments to the production process if necessary.

NB In addition to its own insights obtained through research, Medihemp works closely with ICANNA. ICANNA (based in Slovenia) stands for: International Institute for Cannabinoids.

The direct result of all efforts is that in 2017 they were the first to succeed in producing this organic CBG extract (cannabigerol extract) with a particularly high quality. Knowing Medihemp it doesn't stop here. They will continue to work with full dedication in the future to continue to make the most of the special power of CBD, CBG, THC and other cannabinoids.