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Dutch Hemp HHC oil 10 ml – 5%


HHC is the least known substance from the cannabis plant. That is not so strange. Of all cannabis compounds, or cannabinoids, HHC is the latest discovery.

Yet HHC is becoming more popular every day. That's because HHC has a beneficial effect on the human body and mind. In short, it can be said that HHC is a milder version of THC and a stronger version of CBD.

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Content and HHC Concentration
10 ml (about 250 drops) – 5% HHC

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Dutch Hemp HHC oil 10 ml – 5%

HHC products come in many forms, with HHC oil being the most popular. But before we advise you to order one of these products in our webshop, we think it is necessary to inform you first. With cannabis products, it is always very important that you know what you are using. Below we have summarized the most important knowledge about HHC and HHC oil for you.

What exactly is HHC?

Note: Here comes a difficult word. HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. This is a substance and also a completely natural part of the cannabis plant, also known as the hemp plant. An average hemp plant only contains very little HHC. It is therefore a precious substance.

HHC is extracted from CBD, another cannabis compound. That works as follows. CBD is extracted from the plant by means of CO2 extraction. Then CBD is converted into THC, this process is called isomerization. Then the THC has to be processed again, this is called hydrogenation. And this ultimately releases HHC, which can be used to make HHC products.

What is the best way to dose HHC oil?

As with all cannabis substances, it is wise to start with a low dose for HHC. We cannot make general recommendations, because the effect of HHC varies from person to person. With a low dose you can build up on your own to the dose that suits your body.

A low dose is 5 to 10 mg at a time. A moderate dose is 10 to 30 mg at a time. A heavy dose is more than 30 mg.

Each drop of 5% HHC oil contains 2 mg of HHC. In our opinion, it is best to start with 1 drop of HHC oil per intake. Once you have become accustomed to this dose, you can increase the amount per day as needed. There is a chance that you will only notice the oil after a few hours. So do not take an extra dose in the meantime, because you think it will not work.

HHC Oil Features

Below is a list of characteristics of this Dutch Hemp HHC oil:.

  • The bottle contains a total of 10 ml (this is about 250 drops)
  • Contains approximately 500 mg HHC
  • Each drop contains approximately 2 mg of HHC
  • The oil is diluted with hemp seed oil (cold pressed)
  • Completely legal in the Netherlands and also in the rest of Europe
  • The oil is only suitable for adults
  • For those who are interested: it is possible to request quality reports for this HHC oil from us
  • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • According to strict Dutch legislation, we are obliged to state that HHC oil is not suitable for human consumption

6 reviews for Dutch Hemp HHC oil 10 ml – 5%

  1. Steffen (verified owner) -

    ??? Perfect??☝

  2. Carla Bernard (verified owner) -

    As expected, very good product!

  3. Nicole Matthieu (verified owner) -

    I am from dieser Wirkung begeistert

  4. Ersilia (verified owner) -

    Ottimo lo riacquisterò nuovamente

  5. Yeh Yh (verified owner) -

    It's good

  6. R (verified owner) -

    Of course, it doesn't work immediately after taking it, but after an hour it has an excellent effect, the feeling is relaxed!

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