Dutch Hemp CBD oil 10 ml - 5% - 500 mg CBD


Do you suffer from physical and / or mental complaints? Then try this CBD oil (Full Spectrum) from DutchHemp with 5% CBD (10 ml).

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Content and CBD concentration
10 ml (about 250 drops) - 5% CBD

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Improving people's lives with CBD - that is the big goal of the Dutch company DutchHemp. Below we will list for you why the products of DutchHemp are so good and so cheap. From the quality and the production process to specific information such as the most sensible dosage - everything comes along.

The quality of the DutchHemp products is excellent, but there is of course much more to say about the CBD products from DutchHemp. And we are mainly talking about this Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Below is a list of this DutchHemp CBD oil Full Spectrum (RAW) 5% - 10 ml.

  • The bottle contains a total of 10 ml (this is about 250 drops)
  • Each 10 ml contains 500 mg of CBD
  • Each drop contains approximately 2 mg of CBD
  • The recommended number of drops is 2 to 8 per intake (maximum 3 intakes per day)
  • The cannabis used for this oil is organically grown
  • The production process never uses pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms
  • The oil is diluted with hemp seed oil (cold pressed)
  • Completely legal in the Netherlands and also in the rest of Europe
  • The oil is suitable for both adults and children
  • For those interested: it is possible to request quality reports from us for this CBD oil

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Top quality from DutchHemp for a low price

Users of DutchHemp products sometimes wonder how the articles can be so cheap; after all, the quality is excellent. The answer is quite simple: DutchHemp does not engage in large marketing campaigns that cost a lot of money. There are also savings on packaging - no unnecessarily expensive materials. And a third reason can be mentioned the lack of intermediaries, as it is called. By this we mean that DutchHemp simply purchases everything directly.

In short, these are the three ways in which DutchHemp acts smart to keep the price low. Everything is put into operation to deliver the same quality that other top companies offer, but at a lower price than the average CBD user is used to.

The productionproces

Hemp attaches great importance to the expertise of the people who participate in the production process. From industrial processors to scientists and lawyers: DutchHemp is up to speed on everything, wants to stay in close contact with everyone and only chooses the very best people. The latest requirements must also always be met when it comes to hygiene and safety, for example.

One hundred percent organic

All DutchHemp products are fully biologically developed. Time and again, a sustainable approach is also chosen. They believe it is very important to save energy as much as possible - the environment is always taken into account. There is no question of genetic modification at all.

The proof of quality

We don't just say that the DutchHemp company delivers top quality. There is enough evidence for that. This is because Hemp is keen to be transparent, and publishes reports freely describing the results of investigations. From this it becomes clear how great that quality is. All batches are thoroughly examined in independent laboratories, looking at the amounts of CBD and THC, which must of course be just right.

What exactly does CBD do to your body?

CBD is a substance from the cannabis plant. The full term is cannabidiol. This substance is one of the 130 cannabinoids contained in this plant. The human body also produces cannabinoids, which are called endocannabinoids. This entire process in the body is therefore called the endocannabinoid system. In many ways this system keeps your body in balance, such as the appetite and your mood. The CBD from the cannabis plant contributes to this system. It is therefore a kind of extra with which you can give your own endocannabinoid system a helping hand. In short, that is how CBD works, and it also immediately explains why CBD is so popular.

What is Full Spectrum (aka: RAW) CBD Oil?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil and RAW CBD Oil are two terms for the same product. This oil is made with a cold extraction - hence the name RAW. The cold extraction has all kinds of benefits, which is why this oil is so popular. The main advantage is that the active ingredients are simply retained even after extraction. Examples of those active substances are: CBD (of course), CBG, CBC and CBN, but also terpenes, phenols and pigments.

A little bit of THC

And: Full Spectrum CBD oil contains THC. But rest assured, that's really just a tiny bit. The legally permitted amount is in fact a maximum of 0,2%, so it will never be more than that. And this amount is so small that you cannot get high or stoned from it. So you don't have to worry about that. And that while you can actually enjoy the 'entourage effect', which brings about the little bit of THC. The entourage effect is a strengthening effect when all those substances act at the same time. Together they are much more effective than if they were taken individually. That is what makes Full Spectrum CBD oil so powerful.

Full Spectrum and Pure; the differences

As explained above, Full Spectrum is a combination of CBD, with all the important active ingredients - including a little bit of THC.

CBD Oil Pure contains, as the name suggests, really only CBD, without other substances.

How to use

DutchHemp's CBD oil is very easy to use. It goes like this. Shake the bottle first. Then open the bottle and apply the drops under the tongue. If you prefer to apply the drops to a spoon and take it afterwards, you can do that too. In any case, the drops should remain in your mouth for a minute. Then you can swallow them, just with a few sips of water.


It is not easy to say how much CBD oil you should take. It really depends on what your wishes are and who the user is. We therefore always recommend starting with a small amount and then building up slowly. For example, start with 10 mg three times a day. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Or twice 15 mg, if that is more convenient. And then it is important to keep a close eye on your body and mind, so that you can find out exactly what the effect of the CBD oil is.

If the desired effect is not achieved, you can increase the dose slightly after three weeks. We say three weeks, because your body and mind need time to get to know the CBD. Only then can you say with certainty what the effect is.

Storage advice

It is wise to place the CBD oil somewhere cool and dark. For example, a kitchen cupboard is fine. As long as the bottle does not come into contact with the sunlight too much.

When you have used the bottle, it is good to check that you have closed it completely before you put it back. If it is difficult to turn the pipette all the way, you can close the pipette and then hold it for five seconds. This releases the air under the pipette. And after that it just stays put.

Above all, keep the bottle clean. And especially the end of the bottle. This will prevent it from leaking.

After you have opened the bottle for the first time, the oil can be kept for about a year.

Want to know more?

The government has imposed strict codes of conduct around CBD. We may therefore not make any statements about the medicinal effect of CBD in relation to certain syndromes or ailments. If you would like to know more about CBD oil Full Spectrum, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.