Dutch Hemp CBD ointment – ​​50 ml – 1000 mg CBD


CBD ointment was already there, but now there is also vegan CBD ointment. And not from the least producer: the ointment is from the highly regarded brand Dutch Hemp. You can therefore rest assured that the quality is excellent.

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50 ml - 1000 mg CBD

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Dutch Hemp CBD ointment – ​​50 ml – 1000 mg CBD

This concerns a 50 ml jar of CBD ointment that contains a total of 1.000 mg of CBD. Below you can read why people like to use this ointment so much.

Tips for use

You can simply smear the ointment on the skin – so use externally. As far as we are concerned, twice a day is sufficient. Be careful not to get the ointment in your eyes.


Vegan CBD ointment contains:

– Candelilla wax
– Sunflower oil, calendula oil, safflower oil, hemp seed oil
– Shea butter
– Essential oils (peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary and lavender)
– CBD and CBG (cannabidiol and cannabigerol respectively)
– Vitamin E

Why vegan CBD ointment

CBD users choose this ointment because they want to take care of their skin. Vegan CBD ointment can combat skin problems. Well-known examples are eczema and psoriasis, but other irritation, rash or dryness can also be relieved or even remedied with this ointment. As well as painful things such as an insect bite or red bumps after shaving.

The features of this CBD ointment from Dutch Hemp are:

√ Suitable for adults and children
√ Easy to spread - can be used several times a day
√ Suitable for all skin types
√ Total of 50ml - 1000mg CBD
√ Legal in Europe


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