Mediwiet Cannolator Foundation Foundation


  • Suitable for making cannabis extracts: yes
  • Other supplies: drinkable alcohol (96%), baby bottle warmer and cannabis.
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Cannolator-Cannabis Oil
Mediwiet Cannolator Foundation Foundation 97,50
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Cannolator basic – Mediwiet Foundation

You can easily make cannabis oil with THC with the cannolator. The cannolator is a cannabis extractor that makes pure cannabis oil simple and reliable. Use 120 ml of drinkable alcohol (96%) on 20 grams of cannabis (leaf) to make 2 grams of pure cannabis oil in two hours.

Easy to make cannabis oil

You can easily make cannabis oil with the cannolator. This set was designed by Wernard Bruining (founder of the Mediwiet foundation). Wernard and his team have also launched a nice range of CBD products. The CBD products from the Mediwiet foundation are also for sale in our webshop.

*a standard
* two glass extraction tubes (heat-resistant borosilicate glass)
*measuring cup 250 ml
*three pipette bottles (10 ml)
* extra long cleaning brush
* tailor-made cleaning pen for emptying the extraction tubes
*long spoon (about 21 cm)
* leaflet with instructions

Can still be bought:
*baby bottle warmer Alecto
*96% drinkable alcohol
*cheap unsprayed cannabis / cutting waste / grit (cannabis leaf is also allowed)


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