You can easily make cannabis oil with THC with the cannolator. The cannolator is a cannabis extractor that can be used to make pure cannabis oil simply and reliably. Use 120 ml of drinkable alcohol (96%) on 20 grams of cannabis (leaf) to make 2 grams of pure cannabis oil in two hours. Save 50% alcohol compared to pouring freely. Not only is this much cheaper, but it also saves half the time.

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Medical cannabis

Mediwiet is a foundation founded by Wernard Bruining. Bruining was previously the founder of Mellow Yellow, the very first coffee shop in the Netherlands, and Positronics, the first grow shop in the Netherlands. And then Mediwiet was added, which mainly focuses on CBD oil and THC oil.

The 'cannolator base'

You can easily make cannabis oil with the cannolator. This set was designed by Wernard Bruining (founder of the Mediwiet foundation). Wernard and his team have also brought a nice range of CBD products to the market. The CBD products of the Mediwiet foundation are also for sale in our webshop.

*a standard
* two glass extraction tubes (heat-resistant borosilicate glass)
*measuring cup 250 ml
*three pipette bottles (10 ml)
* extra long cleaning brush
* tailor-made cleaning pen for emptying the extraction tubes
*long spoon (about 21 cm)
* leaflet with instructions

Can still be bought:
*baby bottle warmer Alecto
*96% drinkable alcohol
*cheap unsprayed cannabis / cutting waste / grit (cannabis leaf is also allowed)

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The purpose of the Mediwiet foundation

The Mediwiet Foundation produces high-quality CBD products and continuously researches diluted medical cannabis oil, as they call it, to keep improving that quality. The diluted medical cannabis oil refers to a method devised by Wernard Bruining himself. The goal is to make cannabis products that do not get you high or stoned. According to Mediwiet, people owe it to themselves to take better care of themselves, and according to them CBD and THC are suitable for this.


CBD is short for cannabidiol, THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol - both are substances from the cannabis plant. The big difference between CBD and THC is that you cannot get high or stoned from CBD, like Mediwiet also propagates. That is what makes the fabric so popular. CBD products deliver the benefits of cannabis, but without overwhelming effects. It is therefore very easy to incorporate the use of CBD products into your daily life.

You decide where and when you take something, and then you also keep an eye on the effects on your body and mind. This way you can determine on your own how CBD will affect your life. In any case, it is certain that many have preceded you and they are all satisfied.

The method of Wernard Bruining

For Bruining it is very important that both the production and the distribution of cannabis is easy. That is why Bruining has devised a way that everyone can do themselves, with things that are easily available. Bruining has made a lot of people very happy with his method, and based on their feedback he has continued to improve his techniques. To this day, independent care for your own body and mind is the main motivation of Mediwiet.

Under the Medicines Act, we are not allowed to elaborate on the exact effects of the Mediwiet products. Bruining is convinced that everyone would benefit from a CBD intake, each in his or her own way. It is therefore best to decide for yourself how you want to try the Mediwiet products.

CBD products from Mediwiet

Mediwiet products can be purchased in our webshop. There is a choice of different CBD oils, a CBD salve and organic hemp seed oil. In addition, it is also possible to buy a cannolator extractor base, as it is called, or the more extensive version: the cannolator extractor complete. With the last two products you can make your own CBD or THC oil, completely in the style of Wernard Bruining and his Mediwiet.