CBD oil for horses

A horse is a very different kind of pet than a dog or a cat. For that reason, the CBD oil is different for horses than for dogs or cats.

Greater body weight

In the first place, of course, a horse weighs much heavier. The greater body weight means that a horse needs a lot more cannabidiol (CBD) to achieve the same effect as with a dog or a cat. For that reason, it is no problem at all to administer more CBD to a horse. Think of 50-150 mg of CBD per day.

With a small pony it is best to sit at the lower end of this range (50 mg) and with a large horse breed you better opt for a little more CBD (100-150 mg).

Hemp seed oil instead of fish oil

The second difference is that horses are herbivores while cats and dogs especially like meat and fish.

For this reason, CBD oil for horses consists of a mixture of hemp seed oil with CBD, while for CBD oil for dogs and cats, fish oil is used as a mixture.

CBD oil Dutch Hemp for horses

Dutch Hemp is one of the few CBD oil producers that makes cannabis oil especially for horses and ponies. They use a production process that leads to CBD oil with a fairly neutral taste.

In our webshop we sell the CBD oil from Dutch Hemp with a strength of 5%. The 5% CBD oil is a relatively light CBD oil. This means that you have to give your horse or pony a large number of drops of CBD oil per intake moment.

CBD oil horse

Dosage advice

Our advice is:

50 mg CBD per day for horses weighing 100 to 400 kilos.

100 mg CBD per day for horses weighing 400 to 1000 kilos.

How many milligrams of CBD does one drop from the above bottle of Dutch Hemp CBD oil 5% - 100 ml contain? That is: 2 mg of CBD per drop.

Other CBD oil for horses

The advantage of Dutch Hemp's CBD oil is that these products have been specially developed for horses.

However, most CBD oils for humans are also suitable for horses. The taste is a lot more bitter than Dutch Hemp's CBD oil.

At the top of this page you will find a selection of CBD oils that are very suitable for horses.

CBD bangsHow to administer?

In humans, dripping under the tongue is the most common way to ingest CBD oil, but this method can be difficult for many pets and other animals.

We therefore recommend mixing the correct number of drops of cannabis oil with the feed before administering CBD oil to pets and other animals. This is also the easiest method for horses.

Make sure you have a portion of food that you know for sure that your horse will eat everything. This way you can be sure that your horse will also receive all the cannabidiol (CBD) present.

What can you use it for?

CBD can relieve many health problems. Specifically in horses, CBD can treat: arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, tension, restlessness, loss of appetite, loss of energy, aggression, infections and allergies.

Ailments in horses
Many horses suffer from stress. This can have several causes. For example, new varieties are constantly being added, which causes stress. Horses are also not always cared for properly. And even when someone goes out of their way to take care of a horse down to the last detail, the horse can still get ailments.

That is of course a very annoying thing. Especially for people who want the best for their horses. Stress has a strong negative influence on the well-being of a horse. It can get the immune system in trouble. The horse is then under constant stress and has difficulty falling asleep. These effects together can result in pain in the horse.

Research into the effect of CBD oil on horses
In short: something has to be done about it. And luckily, CBD oil can help with this. There are clear indications from various studies that CBD oil can alleviate ailments in horses. This applies not only to the aforementioned problem of stress, but also to underlying issues such as high sensitivity, allergies and inflammation. According to the researchers, CBD oil can offer a particular solution for horses with chronic pain.

Various conditions
CBD oil can also help with conditions in a horse's eye, but also with gout, asthma and eczema. There are even signs that CBD oil has a positive, and therefore soothing, influence on horrific ailments such as cancer and epileptic seizures.

When not to use?

In the following cases, you should not give your horse CBD oil: during pregnancy, during the lactation period, during or before a competition, or in combination with medicines or health products.

Furthermore, you should of course always listen carefully to the advice of your vet. If he or she indicates that you should not give your horse CBD oil, then of course you should follow this advice.

More information

Do you have any questions about CBD oil for horses and ponies? Take contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions as well as possible.