HHC oil is the legal version of THC oil

In recent years, a lot of research has been done into the active substances (cannabinoids) in cannabis. So it's no surprise that a new cannabinoid has been introduced to the cannabis market at the end of 2021. The name of this cannabinoid is HHC.

Cannabis experts expect that HHC – also known as the legal form of THC – will become very popular in a short time.

Let's take a look at what this new strain of cannabis oil has to offer.

What is HHC?

HHC is the abbreviation of 'Hexahydrocannabinol'. HHC was discovered in the 40s by the American chemist Roger Adams.

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a derivative of THC. It is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the seeds and pollen (pollen) of hemp.

HHC can also be produced synthetically through a chemical process using cannabis extracts.

HHC oil

The most produced HHC product at the moment is HHC oil. HHC oil is easy to use. Apply drops under the tongue or mix in food or drink. HHC oil is often mixed with hemp seed oil.

It is expected that as the demand for HHC products increases, other variations of HHC will also enter the cannabis market.

Below you will find an overview.

Pre-twisted HHC joint: Rolled by an expert, pleasant way to smoke HHC.

HHC vape: distillate of HHC combined with terpenes. Not only a vape cartridge but also a 510 thread coupling for the connection to battery.

HHC flowers: CBD flower with distillate from HHC. Can be smoked.

HHC gummies: HHC candies that taste like fruit. Tasty and simple.

Due to its mild psychoactive effects, HHC's popularity is catching up. HHC is milder than THC and more potent than CBD. In other words, it's ideal for almost any occasion.

Effects of HHC

HHC does not contain THC. However, the effects that HHC causes are comparable to those of THC.

The main difference is that HHC has a milder effect than THC. Users experience that HHC is about 70-80% less potent than THC.

Some people claim that when using THC they experience the same effects as with THC, namely:

-Managing Chronic Pain
-Reducing inflammation
-May promote deeper sleep
-Can relieve nausea or vomiting
-Relieve anxiety (at a low dose)

buy HHC oilDosage HHC

Always start with a low dose. Experience how your body responds to the HHC and then increase it in small increments.

Low dose: 5-10 mg per intake
Average dosage: 10-30 mg per intake
High dose: 30-60+ mg per intake

Start with a low dose, or maybe even a microdose (2mg). FYI: 1 drop of a 5% HHC oil contains 2 mg HHC.

Build up the low dose daily until you find the dose that suits you.

HHC . side effects

Taking HHC, like any other psychoactive substance, can cause side effects.

The mental and physical response that HHC triggers can last for several hours.

The side effects of HHC include dry mouth and mild headaches. But every person is different and so the effect will also be different, depending on the dose.

What is the difference between HHC and other cannabinoids?

HHC has a very strong binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors. HHC products are revolutionary thanks to the role they play in bioavailability. Bioavailability is the extent to which the body absorbs a certain substance.

HHC efficiently binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the body, triggering a strong response.

Other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN also bind to the CB receptors, but some bind just a little better and are just a little bit stronger.

Is HHC legal?

Yes, HHC is legal. Not only is HHC a cannabinoid naturally found in hemp, but it is also not a THC strain like other cannabinoids. This means that HHC oil, gummies and edibles are perfectly legal under European law and will most likely remain so in the future.

Is HHC safe?

Due to the popularity of HHC, there are already many people who use it on a daily basis. There are currently no reports of significant adverse effects. Preliminary data suggest that HHC has a similar safety profile to THC.

Where can I buy HHC oil?

HHC is an emerging cannabinoid and new HHC products are becoming more and more available. From HHC vape cartridges to HHC disposable vapes, it's all available now. HHC is quickly developing into a popular product category.