CBN patches

CBN patches are patches that slowly release CBN through the skin for eight to ten hours.

CBN, like CBD, is a cannabinoid and is 100% safe and legal.

Users often report that it calms them down, that it relieves pain and promotes sleep. In addition, the patch form has some practical advantages, making it a very popular form of administration.

Each patch contains 20 mg CBN, 5 mg CBD and 5 mg CBG.

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Why use CBN patches?

· CBN patches are completely safe and 100% legal.
· CBN is often used to sleep better and experience less stress.
· Unlike CBN oil patches are (obviously) not taken by mouth. For people who do not like the taste of CBN oil, this is ideal.
Patches release CBN very gradually for about ten hours. Ideal on busy days or at night.
· By cutting the patch, the exact dose can be determined very accurately.
· High bioavailability, so that every mg is used to the fullest.
· Completely free of THC, so ideal for people who, for example, are not allowed to take THC due to their profession.

What is a CBN patch?

CBN patches are patches with the active ingredient CBN. In addition, they contain a small amount of CBD and CBG to enhance the effect of the CBN. CBN stands for cannabinol. Cannabinol is a cannabinoid, so a substance that occurs naturally in cannabis. And not just any one: it is the very first cannabinoid that was discovered in 1896. What is also special about CBN is that it is produced in the final stage of the cannabis plant's life. When the plant has blossomed and is full of THC, an oxidation process takes place. During this oxidation, the THC present is converted into CBN. Therefore, we can consider CBN as the end product of the cannabis plant. For the production of CBN patches, a special variety of cannabis is used, which is only harvested at an advanced age. CBN can also be obtained synthetically, but due to the lack of other cannabinoids, no entourage effect occurs. That is why we recommend plasters with natural CBN.

How do CBN patches work?

A CBN patch works by very gradually releasing CBN (and a little bit of CBD and CBG) through the skin for about eight to ten hours. This is not only practical, it also leads to a substantially more effective absorption of CBN into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the CBN interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system was only discovered in the XNUMXs, and much is still unknown. What we do know is that it plays an essential balancing role in many vital body processes, such as sleep, immune system, cognition and blood pressure. We also know that ingested cannabinoids such as CBN are used by this system as endogenous substances. More research is needed to unravel the exact mechanism of action, but experiences (ours and those of our customers) show that CBN patches have an analgesic and soothing effect.

Using Cannabinol Patch

The use of a cannabinol patch is similar to that of a nicotine patch, morphine patch or CBD patch. So you stick a plaster or a piece of plaster (depending on the desired dose) on your body, and then leave it on for up to ten hours before you take it off. Preferably choose a relatively hair-free area such as a shoulder or upper arm, so that the patch stays in place. We also recommend that you alternate the place on your body with daily use to prevent irritation. Do you use the patches to sleep better? Apply the patch about thirty to sixty minutes before going to sleep.

Tip: the plaster cannot withstand water. So do not shower or bathe with a CBN patch.

Bonus tip: Trouble removing the patch? Then do this in the shower or bath!

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