CBN oil

We call cannabis oil with a lot of CBN CBN oil. This form of cannabis oil is much less known than CBD oil or THC oil. Wrongly.

What is CBN

CBN stands for Cannabinol. The chemical formula is C.21H26O2.

CBN is a cannabinoid. That means that CBN influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS in turn affects other systems such as the brain, nervous system and immune system.

However, there is more. The presence of CBN influences the effect of other cannabinoids present such as CBD. We call this the entourage effect. In this case, CBN oil enhances the effect of CBD oil.

The entourage effect does not mean that a cannabinoid suddenly acquires a radically different effect due to the presence of another cannabinoid. It's more a matter of degree:

The presence of substance A ensures that substance B has a greater or lesser effect in the body.

Effect of CBN oil?

Well-known cannabinoids such as CBD and THC have been researched before. Many effects of these substances are therefore known.

However, CBN is a lesser known cannabinoid. Scientific interest in this substance has yet to get going.

What we do know is that CBN is a slightly psychoactive substance. That effect is much less than with THC. We can therefore reassure you: CBN oil will make you absolute not high.

The slightly psychoactive property of CBN does suggest that this substance has a certain effect on the brain. Does this mean that CBN oil, for example, could help with a good night's sleep?

Maybe so, but we are not a medical website. Therefore, we cannot make such claims here. You can find a lot of information about the effects of CBN yourself via Google.

How is CBN oil made?

The production process of CBN oil is basically the same as for other forms of cannabis oil. The big difference is which cannabis is used. We will explain this here.

Industrial hemp is usually used for CBD oil because it contains a relatively large amount of CBD. Coffee shop cannabis is used for THC oil. However, both forms of cannabis contain little CBN. That is why cannabis that has been specially grown for this purpose is used for CBN oil.

Specially grown CBN cannabis

The need for specially grown cannabis has to do with the chemical processes that take place in cannabis when cannabis grows.

There is a lot of CBGA in a young cannabis plant. As the plant grows, CBGA is converted into various other substances:

  • CBG
  • CBDA
  • THCA
  • CBCA

The A at the end of each abbreviation stands for acid. These acids in the cannabis plant are converted into other substances:

  • CBDA becomes CBD
  • THCA becomes THC
  • CBCA becomes CBC

However, under the right conditions, these acids can also be converted into CBN. For example, cannabis can be made with a relatively high amount of CBN. This cannabis is then used for the production of CBN oil.

More information

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