CBD paste

The first step in the preparation of CBD oil is a process called hot extraction. The result is a pasty substance with a relatively high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD). We call this substance CBD paste. Read more…

Why CBD Paste?

Usually, CBD paste is diluted with a vegetable oil such as hemp seed oil or olive oil. The end result is CBD oil. However, you can also buy pure CBD paste that has not been mixed with a vegetable oil.

There can be several reasons for choosing this paste over CBD oil:

• CBD paste can be used for filling capsules.
• CBD paste is a good alternative for people who cannot tolerate the taste of vegetable oils.

The CBD paste in our webshop has a concentration of CBD that is comparable to the somewhat stronger forms of CBD oil.

CBD pasteTake CBD paste

The paste with CBD that you buy from us comes in a 5 ml, 10 ml or 15 ml syringe. There are lines on the syringe to help get the correct amount of paste out of the syringe.

A commonly used method of intake is to measure the correct amount of CBD paste on a teaspoon and then take it. You can also use your finger instead of a teaspoon. The doesn't really matter.

Alternative methods

We have already mentioned that you can also use CBD paste to fill capsules. This is especially suitable for those who dislike the taste of CBD paste.

You can also choose to mix the pasta with a vegetable oil of your choice. CBD oil producers usually use hemp seed oil or olive oil, but by purchasing CBD paste you can choose what to mix the paste with.

Finally, you can use CBD paste as an ingredient in cooking or baking. That's a nice way to combine a food supplement like CBD paste with your passion for cooking.

THC paste

In addition to CBD paste, there is also THC paste. You will not find any THC paste in our webshop, because the sale of THC-containing products is in violation of the Opium Act.

It is possible to make your own THC paste. You then follow the same process as for making THC oil, but then stop once you have obtained the paste.

With homemade THC paste, keep in mind that the concentration of THC is probably very high. This means that you can easily get high from THC paste.

More information

Would you like to know more about CBD paste? You always can contact with us. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about CBD paste and our other CBD products.