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CBD oil is extremely popular

Public opinion about cannabis is changing drastically in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The average Dutch person is looking at it more and more positively. There is really only one clear cause for this: CBD. How is that possible? Why is CBD oil so popular? And what exactly does CBD mean? On this page you will find the answers to all your questions about CBD.

We will explain very carefully how CBD works, what effects the substance has, what dosage is recommended by experts and much more. After that, you can decide for yourself whether you want to give CBD a try, based on real knowledge about this world.

But even if you are already familiar with CBD, you can find out a lot of news on this page. We really dive into the details and into the latest studies. In this way we form an accurate picture of a very popular substance about which – unfortunately – there are still many misunderstandings. Hopefully we can put an end to that in your case.

What exactly is CBD?

Let's just start at the beginning. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is a natural substance that can only be found in cannabis plants. The substance is not psychoactive, which means that it cannot get you high or stoned. This is in contrast to, for example, THC, another substance from the cannabis plant. With CBD there are few or no side effects at all, in addition, you can not take too much of it quickly.

The popularity of CBD is mainly because the substance can contribute to the health of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. You can see CBD as a natural boost for body and mind. That works as follows. CBD acts as a supplement to the endocannabinoid system in our body. This system also produces cannabinoids on its own, but CBD replenishes the supply, so to speak. The endocannabinoid system is important for many essential bodily processes, such as our immune system. It keeps our body in balance – that is the best summary of the function of the endocannabinoid system.

A brief history of cannabis

The history of our relationship to cannabis goes back thousands of years. In fact, cannabis was one of the first natural products that we consciously made part of our agriculture. Archaeological finds show that we were already using cannabis plants at least XNUMX years ago, and perhaps much earlier.


Cannabis was already used in various ways in prehistoric times. Not only food was made from it, but also medicines and even textiles. Hemp fibers came in handy, for example, when rope or pieces of cloth had to be made. The seeds of the cannabis plant also played an important role. They were an essential part of the diet of man at the time. The flower buds and resin of the cannabis plant were used for medicinal purposes.

In short, cannabis was already an integral part of many cultures. In China and Egypt in particular, people knew all too well how valuable cannabis products could be. And as the years went by, people learned that different strains of cannabis required different practices. We got to know cannabis better and better.

That difference was greatest between hemp and marijuana. Hemp plants are generally tall, thin and fluffy. Marijuana plants look very different. They are small and sturdy, and look more like shrubs than plants. But their appearance is obviously not the main difference. Marijuana plants contain much more resin than hemp plants. And because resin contains the most important medical components, at least according to prehistoric man, they were used most often by the local medicine man in the past.

Even something seemingly modern like cannabis oil is not an entirely new phenomenon. As far back as XNUMX years before Christ, the Chinese Emperor Shennong was known for taking a type of hemp oil to treat his skin when he suffered from irritation or rashes. He also occasionally took cannabis tea to fight gout and digestive problems.

19e century

Much later in history, in the XNUMXth century AD, it was Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who recognized the benefits of cannabis. She used CBD-rich marijuana to relieve her menstrual cramps.

However, that emphasis on the value of CBD then disappeared briefly into the background. In the early twentieth century, especially in North America, a high THC content was appreciated. Users were not only concerned with medical effects, but also with psychoactive effects, which do not occur with CBD.

But then governments intervened. In the 30s, marijuana was banned in many countries, and it got much worse and stricter around 1980, when President Reagan started America's War on Drugs. Marijuana would have a negative effect on the human brain, so the idea was to fight the drug at all costs.

Just something strange happened. To prove just how bad cannabis was, a lot of money was poured into research. Unfortunately for Reagan, scientists discovered just how beneficial cannabis could be for the human body. These findings have since been confirmed in numerous studies. CBD, as well as THC, can be of great value to our system, which is why CBD oil is so popular right now.

What is CBD used for?

CBD oil is used for various purposes due to the health benefits attributed to it. You can read exactly what these purposes are below.

Sleep better

Whether it's bad sleep or not falling asleep at all: more and more people suffer from sleeping problems. Fortunately, there are ways to ease these burdens. There is research has been done on the effect of CBD on the sleep of the user, and from this the suggestion can be derived that CBD provides better sleep.

Not only does the user of CBD sleep deeper, but the user of CBD also falls asleep faster. That's exactly what you want when you suffer from sleeping problems. Naturally, this also has an effect on the rest of your day, because whoever sleeps well has a much healthier attitude to life. You will experience the positive consequences not only mentally, but also physically.

Reducing (chronic) pain

Pain is a broad concept, and yet everyone immediately knows what we mean by it. This is especially true for people who suffer from chronic pain, i.e. pain that keeps coming back. Similar ailments quickly become unbearable. That is why it is so nice that there are often ways to relieve that pain to some extent.

CBD oil is one of those ways, it turns out research† The study clearly shows that the use of CBD oil can at least alleviate the pain. This is a huge relief for people with chronic pain, but also people who experience temporary pain should consider using CBD oil.

Combating depression

Although scientists recommend to first do more research into the relationship between CBD and depression, it can already be cautiously said that there does appear to be a connection. This mainly concerns the effect of CBD on mood swings. And that is exactly what someone who is disadvantaged by depression needs.

A person who is depressed no longer has any influence on his or her own mood. This is extremely frustrating, and leads to a self-affirming effect, or a negative spiral. All lighting is then welcome. Of course CBD is never the solution for depression, it is always better to contact your doctor first, but it certainly can't hurt to give it a try. CBD oil brings your mood more in balance, and that is a pleasant change.

Less stress

Stress is the great danger of our time. Modern man is constantly under stress. Not only in small forms, such as feelings of unrest, but also in severe effects, such as real traumas that cause continuous stress. CBD also comes in handy here. Scientific research has indicated that CBD can relieve stress in children, for example.

This has to do with the brain of the CBD user. CBD has a specific effect on what are called neurotransmitters. In practice, this means that the user of CBD is mentally more balanced. This allows the user to relax and the feelings of stress are reduced.

less fear

Anyone who suffers from anxiety, no matter how severe it may be, would do well to try CBD oil. Suppose you are extremely afraid of giving a presentation in front of a group of people, then it may help to take CBD oil before that presentation. This is because CBD oil calms your body and mind and reduces anxiety, according to research research.

CBD affects the so-called serotonin receptors in your brain. These receptors regulate your mood, among other things, and therefore also the fears you may experience. In short, you can see CBD as a treatment for an anxiety disorder, or rather an adjunct. Of course, it is also wise to speak with an expert.

Treatment of diabetes

There are careful directions that CBD can even help fight diabetes symptoms. CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is useful for counteracting diabetes. In addition, CBD seems to play a role in controlling blood sugar levels, an extremely important part of their lives for diabetes patients.

Diabetes is of course extremely annoying for the people who suffer from it, so any help is welcome. It is therefore great that CBD oil is being tried and especially appreciated by more and more people with diabetes. Of course you should try CBD yourself to be able to assess whether this beneficial effect of the substance also applies to your body.

Relief from skin problems

Unfortunately, many people have bad skin. This means that the skin easily causes problems, such as inflammation and pustules. Anyone who suffers from this wants nothing more than a solution. CBD may be able to provide relief. Scientific studies show that CBD oil inflammation can counter and sebum production can reduce.

For people who suffer from skin problems, that is a huge windfall. That is why we recommend that anyone with similar conditions try CBD oil for themselves. You can experience for yourself whether the CBD oil also has the desired effect on your skin problems.

Strengthening the immune system

The immune system, also called the immune system, must be regulated. CBD can make an important contribution to this. CBD increases the vigilance of the system, allowing viruses and bacteria to be recognized and combated more quickly. It is probably needless to say that the immune system is of great importance for the protection of the human body, which in turn has a positive effect on your mental system.

But that's not all. What CBD also does, besides regulate, is that it calms your immune system. So that it does not go into overdrive, which sometimes happens with someone with an autoimmune disease, for example. Then the system reacts much too strongly, and CBD reduces this problem. These effects of CBD on the immune system are apparent from solid Research.

What CBD oil looks like

CBD oil is a thick, viscous substance. The color can vary from bright green to dark green. What it looks like exactly depends on the type of oil the CBD is mixed with. For example, olive oil makes the CBD oil darker than, for example, coconut oil (MCT oil).

take CBD oil

CBD oil often partly consists of another oil, such as hemp seed oil. This makes using the product much simpler. Pure CBD would be way too strong. Something like hemp seed oil dilutes the active ingredients, making it easy to dose.

CBD oil is usually supplied in a pipette bottle. All you need to do is squeeze the pipette to get your desired dosage under your tongue. Then wait half a minute to a minute, and then you can swallow the CBD oil.

If you do not like the taste, you can also mix the drops with a drink, such as tea or fruit juice.

Dosing CBD oil

There is no general rule for CBD dosages. It just depends on how your body and mind respond to the CBD. The effects of CBD depend on your gender, age, weight, genetics, biochemistry, metabolism and health, among other things – quite a list.

Therefore, just start with a very small amount and build up over a longer period of time. Naturally, our webshop indicates for each CBD product how many mg of CBD one drop contains. As far as we are concerned, you start with two drops twice a day.

The average CBD dosage is approximately 30 mg – 50 mg CBD per day. The Cannabinoid Consultancy Netherlands has determined that the maximum daily dose of CBD may be 160 mg.

Learn to recognize good quality CBD oil

A high-quality CBD oil should have a strong hemp flavour. In addition, the oil should be green, varying from bright green to dark green. It also often applies: the stickier the oil, the stronger the CBD.

In addition, it is good to know what to avoid. CBD oil should have no foul odor, should never be black, and should not contain chunks or bits of the plant. When you have received such a product, it is a good idea to return the product.

How CBD oil is made

Modern CBD oil is often made from hemp plants, because hemp plants contain little to no THC (unlike marijuana). First of all, an alcohol extraction is applied, so that only the CBD and so-called cannabis terpenes remain, the important components of CBD oil.

Then a CO2 extraction is applied. This means that the substance is brought to specific temperatures and under high pressure. This activates the active parts of the CBD and removes the unnecessary parts. And then there is the CBD.

Difference between full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD oil

When looking at CBD products, you will come across the terms full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD. What exactly do those terms mean?

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the natural cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Not only CBD, but also CBG, CBN and CBC. In addition, many terpenes, a tiny bit of THC (always less than 0,2%) and other substances, such as flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Experts agree that the collection of all these components creates a so-called entourage effect, which means that the effect of the oil is strong and effective. Precisely because of the cooperation between all those parts.

CBD oil broad spectrum is almost the same oil as full spectrum CBD oil. The only difference is that the broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC. This makes broad spectrum CBD oil more suitable for certain target groups. This could include children or vehicle drivers.

CBD oil in summary

The conclusion is that CBD oil is good for your health, as shown by several studies. It contributes to the vitality of your body and the balance in your mind. Today, this is the reason so many people use CBD. CBD has been proving itself for thousands of years.

However, it should always be noted that CBD should never be a replacement for other medicines. If you have conditions or illnesses, always discuss the use of CBD with your doctor first.