CBD capsules

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What are CBD capsules?

A CBD capsule consists of a shell containing a small amount of CBD oil. After swallowing, the shell dissolves in the stomach and the CBD oil is released.

Capsules with cannabis oilBenefits

CBD capsules have a few advantages over CBD oil in a bottle:

1. Convenience
2. Tasteless
3. Exact dosage

1. Convenience

The convenience of CBD capsules goes beyond the fact that you don't have to count down drops. We explain that below.

CBD oil must be kept cool. However, CBD oil in a bottle must be warmed to room temperature before use. Cold CBD oil is a bit viscous and will therefore not drip properly. This heating must be done gradually so as not to lose useful substances. This means: take the bottle out of the refrigerator, wait fifteen to thirty minutes, drip.

CBD capsules do not have this disadvantage. After you have removed the jar with CBD capsules from the refrigerator, you can immediately take a capsule. You don't have to wait.

2. Tasteless

Many people find CBD oil to have a bitter taste. CBD oil also often gives a short-term burning sensation in the throat.

CBD capsules do not have these drawbacks. The casing is tasteless and only dissolves in the stomach. That's way beyond the taste buds and throat.

3. Exact dosage

A fairly exact dosage is already possible with CBD oil in a bottle. Calculation formulas are available to calculate how much CBD there is in every drop. Starting points of these calculations:

A. Contents of bottle of CBD oil
B. Percentage of CBD
C. Number of drops you could get out of the bottle.

Apart from the fact that not everyone is equally good at calculating, these formulas have the disadvantage that with the same bottle content, the number of drops can still differ slightly.

A big advantage of CBD capsules is that you don't have to be a math miracle. The packaging states exactly how much CBD there is in each capsule. That is so easy.


CBD capsules are designed so that you only need to use one capsule per intake. Start with two capsules per day (one in the morning and one in the evening). If your body is used to the CBD, you can possibly go to three intakes per day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening).

If you have never used a CBD product, it is best to start with capsules with relatively little CBD (for example 10 mg CBD per capsule). When this first jar of CBD capsules is finished, you can switch to capsules with more CBD.

This is by no means always necessary. If you find yourself benefiting from little CBD per capsule, then there is no reason to switch to stronger capsules.

We sell CBD capsules from 6,4 mg to 25 mg CBD per capsule. The description states exactly how much CBD there is in one capsule.

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