CBD oil for cats

The cat is a stubborn animal. Try administering regular CBD oil. That is going to be difficult, because CBD oil for humans is quite bitter.

Fortunately, there is a good alternative for our meowing friends: CBD oil for pets. Read more…

Fish oil instead of hemp seed oil

CBD oil is made by mixing a CBD extract with a vegetable or animal oil. CBD oil for humans usually uses hemp seed oil. The advantage is that the entire product comes from the same source: the hemp plant. However, the bitter taste is a major drawback.

CBD oil for cats therefore contains fish oil instead of hemp seed oil. This concerns, for example, sardine oil, herring oil or salmon oil. After all, it is generally known that cats like a tasty fish. Hence.

Cannabis oil for catsLow concentration of CBD for the cat

However, there is another difference between CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for animals: less CBD. The reason is related to a pet's weight.

Depending on the height and width, an adult human usually weighs anywhere from 60 kg to 90 kg. Do you know how much an adult cat weighs on average? Between 3,6 kg and 4,5 kg.

This much lower body weight means that a cat also needs a lot less CBD. For that reason, CBD oil for cats has a low concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). It contains 1% to 4% CBD.

What percentage?

Our advice is:

1-2% CBD oil in cats weighing 1-3 kilos.
2-4% CBD oil for cats weighing 3 pounds and over.

Administer CBD oil

A common method in which people take CBD oil is by dropping a few drops under the tongue. We do not recommend trying to get a cat to ingest CBD oil in this way. It is the fastest way to a few sharp nails in the arm or a few sharp teeth in the fingers.

Tip: mix the correct number of drops of CBD oil into the cat food. You must then make sure that your cat eats the food bowl completely. To achieve this, you can, for example, give your cat slightly less food than normal. After all, the chance that your cat will leave leftovers is much smaller.

Shake before use

It is also wise to ensure that the CBD oil is at room temperature before you mix a few drops with the cat food. CBD oil that has just come out of the refrigerator does not drip as well.

Shaking well beforehand is also important. This ensures that the CBD present is well distributed over the fish oil. That way you can be sure that the concentration of CBD is the same in every drop.

Experiences of CBD oil in catsExperiences of CBD oil in cats

CBD and THC can alleviate many health problems. Specifically in cats, CBD oil can treat: arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, tension, restlessness, loss of appetite, loss of energy, aggression, infections, allergies and seizures.

How many drops of CBD oil for the cat?

The guideline for pets is: 1 drop of CBD oil per 5 kilograms of weight. Since a cat almost always weighs less than 5 kilos, you only need to give 1 drop of CBD oil to your cat per intake moment.

Furthermore, 3 intake times per day apply. It is best to spread these intake times as much as possible over the day: 1 drop in the morning, 1 drop in the afternoon and 1 drop in the evening.

By the way, don't worry if you've given your cat more CBD oil than the above guideline states. CBD is not a psychoactive substance and it is impossible for your cat to get high from this form of cannabis oil. There are also no other adverse effects of cannabidiol (CBD) known.

THC oil for catsTHC oil for cats

It is different with THC oil for pets. There is a risk of a high with THC oil.

However, if CBD oil does not have the desired effect on your cat, that could be a reason to try THC oil. Be very careful. A cat weighs much less than a human and the risk of a high is therefore greater.

Therefore, choose THC oil with a low concentration of THC and never give your cat more than 1 drop of THC oil per intake moment.

Making cannabis oil yourself

You will not find any THC oil in our webshop. We are legally not allowed to sell products containing THC.

However, it is quite easy to make THC oil yourself. The tools you need for this can be found in our webshop.

More information

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