Cannabis oil: what exactly is it?

Cannabis oil is something new for many people. That is why we give here, in a nutshell, all useful information that is known about cannabis oil.

In short: cannabis oil is an oil based on cannabis - completely vegetable - that contains a lot of THC.

And THC is the substance from the cannabis plant that has a psychoactive effect, which can make users high or stoned.

How cannabis oil is made

A cannabis plant contains flower tops. There is resin in those flower buds. The resin is where the cannabis oil comes from. Through a process called extraction, which is done with the help of alcohol, the resin produces a substance that resembles syrup. This is the undiluted cannabis oil. In theory it is therefore a fairly easy job, but of course it differs per production process what kind of oil it is exactly. How much THC the oil contains, for example.

bottle of cannabis oilThe effect of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil therefore contains THC, and this is a substance from the cannabis plant. When someone takes cannabis oil, the THC is absorbed by the body quite quickly.

Every body has receptors - receptors CB1 and CB2, to be precise - that receive the oil's active compounds. These receptors are then activated by the oil. One receptor, CB1, is located in the body's central nervous system. The other, CB2, is in the immune system.

How to use

Cannabis oil can simply be taken orally. So through the mouth. This can be done by applying a few drops directly under the tongue, or by mixing the oil with something else, for example by simply incorporating the oil into the food.

Then the next question is of course how much someone should take exactly. But that mainly depends on the wishes of the user. It is always best to start with a little bit (one drop) and build up slowly to the amount that works best for you. Your own experience always provides the best information about this.

Cannabis oil or jointIsn't cannabis oil just comparable to a joint?

Certainly, there are similarities between cannabis oil and a joint. It is also possible to simply choose a joint instead of oil. But there are drawbacks to this.

So there are also many differences between the two. First of all, it is not necessary to smoke anything with cannabis oil. In addition, cannabis oil is much easier to dose. This way, the user can control whether he / she gets stoned. A joint is especially useful for someone who likes to smoke, and someone who mainly uses marijuana for its psychoactive effect.

The endocannabinoid system

Another excellent way to explain what cannabis oil does to a human (or animal) body is the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids are not only in the cannabis plant, but also in your body.

The endocannabinoid system is there to keep your body in balance, for example by keeping the immune system sharp, your sleep rhythm in order and your digestion to do a good job. The cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, such as CBD, can contribute to this system.

Sativa and IndicaThe two different types of cannabis

There are many forms of cannabis, but they can be divided into only two categories: Sativa and Indica. So everything else is covered.

Cannabis oil can be made from Sativa cannabis, Indica cannabis, or a combination of both.

Sativa cannabis strains are mainly grown in the areas around the equator. Examples are Mexico, Thailand, and - of course - Jamaica. Characteristic: it gives you energy = high.

Indica strains have origins a little more to the east, in countries such as India and Tibet, but also Pakistan and Afghanistan. Characteristic: you can relax and it brings you rest = stoned.

The big three: Rick Simpson, Wernard Bruining and Rinus Beintema

A name that often comes up when discussing cannabis oil is Rick Simpson. He is one of the founders. When he was prescribed medication after an accident that did not help, he started working with the cannabis plant himself. He made THC paste, also known as Rick Simpson Oil. He diluted the THC paste with a vegetable oil (for example: hemp seed oil) and thus made diluted cannabis oil.

There are also some well-known names in the Netherlands when it comes to cannabis and cannabis oil. Wernard Bruining and Rinus Beintema are the best examples of this. We can say that they brought the oil to the Netherlands.

Bruining is the founder of Mediwiet, a foundation that focuses on the self-reliance of medical patients - with the help of cannabis.

Beintema is best known as an activist. He founded cannabis social clubs throughout the Netherlands, where medicinal cannabis oil was available.

Cannabis pastaThe effects of cannabis oil

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to take a stand when it comes to the medical benefits of cannabis oil. That is simply prohibited by law. For this you should consult the well-known media channels yourself.

Make your own cannabis oil

It is also not allowed to offer cannabis oil ready-to-use. That is also illegal. But what you can do is buy the tools and ingredients with which you can make your own cannabis oil. And those supplies are simply available online, for example in our webshop.

Buy cannabis oil

Is it too much work for you to make cannabis oil yourself? Then take contact with us. We can refer you to a reliable Cannabis Social Club.