• wedihemp wedihemp

    Wedihemp: the new name for Medihemp Medihemp will continue under a new name: Wedihemp. They chose this because the strict European regulations made it impossible for them to keep the Medihemp name. All CBD products they sell will now be under the new name. Fortunately for you as a customer, this does not mean [...] Read more
  • Sweden and cannabis oil Sweden and the legal status of cannabis oil

    Is it allowed to order and use cannabis oil in Sweden? Or not? There are many Dutch people who live or are on holiday in Sweden. They wonder that. That is why we took a close look at the rules in Sweden. Below is a summary of the main components. Sweden […]

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  • Cannabis oil Denmark Legal or banned? Cannabis oil (CBD oil) in Denmark

    The rules surrounding cannabis differ per country. Denmark also has its own legislation. We have researched this. This way we can tell all Dutch people who sometimes stay in Denmark to what extent CBD oil is legal there. We have listed the most important rules below. Change in legislation It is good that you […]

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  • Cannabis oil in Poland Cannabis oil (CBD oil) in Poland: its legal status

    CBD users going on holiday to Poland would like to know if CBD is legal there. The same, of course, applies to CBD users who are going to live in Poland for a while. Because we think it is important to provide you with sound knowledge, we have carefully studied the Polish legislation for you. The result of this can be found below. †

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  • Cannabis oil for pain The usefulness of CBD for pain

    Pain management is a major challenge in the medical world. One in five Europeans suffer from chronic pain, which is pain that lasts longer than three to six months. Back pain and joint pain are the most common. Pain negatively affects sleep, daily functioning and work. Not infrequently, chronic pain […]

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  • cannabis water cannabis water

    If you want to know exactly what cannabis water is, all you need to do is understand its origin. And it all starts with Rinus Beintema. Rinus Beintema - cannabis pioneer Beintema spent much of his life growing illegal cannabis. He sold cannabis to coffee shops. But then came a horrible violent incident. His business partner was shot [...] Read more
  • Spain and cannabis oil Spain and cannabis oil: what does the law say?

    Are cannabis products legal or not in Spain? There is no short answer. That is why we have summarized the most important rules for you below. Novel Food Regulation A very important part of modern Spanish legislation is the Novel Food Regulation. This means that some novel foods are restricted by rules. Unfortunately, […]

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  • Germany cannabis oil Germany and the legal status of cannabis oil

    Are cannabis products such as CBD oil legal in Germany? That is what many people – including the Dutch – ask themselves. That is why we have checked the most important rules for you, and we have summarized them for you below. German legislation Good news: the rules in Germany are quite flexible. According to German law, CBD products can simply be […]

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  • Italy cannabis oil Italy: the legal status of CBD oil

    It is completely understandable that you are wondering whether cannabis products are legal in Italy. You are by no means the only one. Many Italians barely understand the legislation itself. There's a reason for this: the rules regarding cannabis oil in Italy are incredibly confusing. Italy's cannabis law is probably the vaguest in Europe. Different Laws In many […]

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  • The Netherlands Is cannabis oil legal in the Netherlands?

    The Netherlands is known all over the world as a cannabis country. Not surprising, because coffee shops are allowed to sell soft drugs in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, rules do apply: the customer may only purchase a small amount. Something similar applies to medicinal cannabis oil. It is too simplistic to call it legal or illegal. Which […]

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  • Holland and Barrett Holland and Barrett

    Holland and Barrett is a very popular health and wellness chain of stores around the world. The company has been active in Europe for over 150 years and has more than 1.500 stores in total. People also like to make purchases in the Netherlands. Our company used to be called De Tuinen. † Read more
  • Types of cannabis oil Types of cannabis oil

    Cannabis oil is a food supplement from which the main ingredients come from the cannabis plant. The main classification of the different types of cannabis oil is as follows: 1. CBD oil: -Pure CBD oil -Full spectrum CBD oil -CBD water soluble 2. THC oil: -Rick Simpson Oil -Normal THC oil 3. Cannabis oil with other cannabinoids: -CBG oil -CBN oil -CBC oil 4. Hemp seed oil: -Pure hemp seed oil -Hemp seed oil with CBD In addition, […]

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  • Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver Suver Nuver (Cannabis Social Club)

    In our webshop you will find a wide range of CBD products, but you will not find THC oil. We are not legally allowed to sell THC-containing products. We do have a tip: become a member of the Dutch Cannabis Social Club Suver Nuver. This Cannabis Social Club has found a loophole in the law with their product 'Iriewater'. [...] Read more
  • history History of cannabis oil

    Although cannabis oil is a relatively young invention, the origins of this wonderful drug go way back in time. Here's the fascinating history of cannabis oil. First use cannabis plant The cannabis plant is a versatile plant that has been used in various ways by mankind for centuries. The first use of cannabis dates back to [...] Read more
  • Inflammation Cannabis oil and inflammation

    Inflammation is a useful, protective response of our body with the aim of repairing damage to the tissue. One can recognize inflammation because it hurts, looks red or is swollen in those places. An inflammation often feels warm because there is more blood flow. The body sends white blood cells to the damaged […]

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  • hash oil hash oil

    There are several ways to make cannabis oil yourself. The biggest difference is in the price. Making cannabis oil can be very expensive. However, there is also a way to keep costs under control; making cannabis oil based on hash. Below we will explain why making hash oil as far as we are concerned […]

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  • CBD oil mood swings CBD for mood swings

    In this article I want to investigate the possibility of using CBD as a mood enhancer. Does it make sense to take CBD when you are not feeling well? Let's be honest, you can't just feel good by taking a certain supplement. A good therapist, […]

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  • CBD shampoo CBD shampoo

    CBD seems to be everywhere these days! What's next? CBD oil for your hair? Well, actually, yes. Hair products with CBD such as shampoo, conditioner and serums are comparable to regular hair care products, but with added CBD. The same principles that make CBD skincare and beauty products so appealing also apply to CBD hair products. As a result […]

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  • Is cbd oil safe for children Is CBD safe for children?

    Part of the mission of Cannabisolie.nl is to educate people, so that misleading information and thus misconceptions about cannabis do not cause additional confusion and thus create a barrier for potential customers (with children) who would like to experience the positive effects of the products. that are extracted from this great plant. CBD oil – a […]

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  • CBD Statistics CBD Statistics

    There's no getting around it: CBD is literally everywhere. What can we infer from the CBD statistics? We take a closer look at the US CBD market. After all, America is a forerunner in the field of CBD and entrepreneurship. The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed. What started as an alternative health treatment has now grown into a […]

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  • Medihemp CBD capsules renewed packaging and composition Medihemp CBD capsules: renewed packaging and composition

    Medihemp CBD capsules: now in a new packaging and composition From now on, the CBD capsules from Medihemp have a different packaging. The composition of the products has also been changed: *Instead of 30 capsules, a package now contains 60 capsules; *The capsules have a smaller size, making them even easier to take; [...] Read more
  • Why is water-soluble CBD better than CBD oil Why is water-soluble CBD better than CBD oil?

    Four Reasons Why Water-Soluble CBD Is Better Than Oil If you've gotten to the point of researching this article, you've at least heard of water-soluble CBD. You may have seen a bottle of water that was infused with CBD, or the CBD water soluble we have here at [...] Read more
  • CBD hash What is CBD hash?

    CBD hash is simply the trichomes stripped from the hemp plant and ground into a powder concentrate. Some call this the pollen or resin of the plant. CBD hash contains more than just CBD. It is full-spectrum and contains a high concentration of various cannabinoids, giving you a good amount of the so-called 'entourage effect'. CBD [...] Read more
  • CBD honey CBD honey: the perfect sweet/healthy combination

    Like cannabis, honey has been used for thousands of years for its nutritional properties and health benefits. What happens when you mix the two products? We really love it. If you like the sweet taste of honey and have discovered the benefits of CBD, we would like to introduce you to a [...] Read more
  • Pure mushrooms New and unique: Pure Mushrooms

    New in the assortment of Cannabisolie.nl: organic mushroom supplements from Pure Mushrooms! A unique brand of popular adaptogenic mushrooms in the form of capsules. The range consists of Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and two blends: Fit Mix and Chill Mix. All organic, vegan and produced in a sustainable way. Why Pure Mushrooms? -Based on mushroom extracts; -High bio-availability of the active substances: all [...] Read more
  • cbd and kratom Kratom and CBD

    The definition of synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances that together develop a greater force than separately. It is the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is without a doubt the case with kratom and CBD. These are already influential and powerful substances, [...]

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  • CBD kief What is CBD kief?

    Explanation of one of the oldest cannabis concentrates CBD kief consists of the harvested and dried trichomes of cannabis. Kief is slang for the end product that you can smoke directly or make other products. The sticky white crystals on the hemp are where most of the cannabinoids reside. So […]

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  • delta 8 thc What is Delta 8 THC?

    Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that has gained popularity due to its similarity to THC. THC is the main ingredient in cannabis that causes you to get high, leading to feelings of euphoria, bliss, numbness, symptom relief, and more. Large amounts of THC can be found […]

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  • CBD cigarettes CBD cigarettes

    There is not a gram of tobacco in CBD cigarettes. That means that it also contains no nicotine. CBD cigarettes are made from hemp. Why CBD cigarettes? CBD cigarettes contain just as little nicotine as chocolate cigarettes. However, the goal is completely reversed. Chocolate cigarettes were invented by the tobacco industry to get children used to […]

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  • Hair growth and hair loss Hair growth and hair loss

    You may not believe it, but a substance derived from the cannabis plant called CBD could be the secret ingredient to a perfect hairstyle. It has been shown that the nutrient-rich substance can improve your hair growth and even prevent hair loss over time. These are good times for the world right now […]

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